Sunday, July 12, 2009

Well hey!
The past few days have been pretty interesting--I've continued with the English classes, and those have definitely been something to look forward to each day. I've been in the clinic a lot of the time, trying to figure out the database and such, but I've also been able to get out from time to time. This morning, a group of us walked to the market in Magdalena, where I made an exciting purchase of socks. I only packed two pairs, and one of them has been converted into puppets for English class dialogues. Needless to say, Joe and Susan now don't offer much comfort for my feet. They do converse quite well, though. After the market, we walked back, showered and went to a 2 1/2 hour long church service. I couldn't get in touch with Alba, so I went to the Catholic church with Dr. Ruben, Yanire, Jill, and Alex, all of whom work here at the clinic. The service was good, but then the priest, definitely pro-Zelaya, launched into a discussion of politics, saying that this was a war of rich versus poor and that we needed to fight for human rights and justice. The clinic group was pretty angry about this use of time in the service. I think I'll keep going with them, though. I liked all the people there, and the pastor, despite his strong political views, seemed to be a very good man.
I'm about to have some pizza for dinner, but sometime soon I will fill this blog with all types of philosophical thoughts, but right now, the pizza is hot.

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  1. Pody-
    What database are trying to figure out? Does it tie in with the project for Liz?
    Looking forward to your philosophical thoughts and other musings...