Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 1

So I decided to give in, and here I am writing a blog. I hope it will be interesting enough to merit the attention of all you dear friends and family.
The trip down was bereft of any real adventures. We got stopped at one roadblock, but just long enough for the policeman to say, “So you’re Americans?” as if he couldn’t tell by the comparatively bleached white skin and the way we were clutching onto every surface around us to avoid the jostling that came with the roads. He knew of Shoulder to Shoulder, and instead of my expected searches and fear for my life in the barren roads of Intibuc√°, we just got an “Ok, God bless!” and were sent on our way.
The car ride was actually quite fun, as Art and Brett kept us all entertained with stories of past brigades and adventures. My favourite was about Ricardo, a man who worked with Shoulder to Shoulder a long time ago. So this American doctor was complaining about all the dogs, if they can be called dogs, running around the clinic. Exasperated, he threw up his hands and said, “Can’t someone just take care of these dogs?!” Ricardo smiled pleasantly and replied, “sure, I’ll do it.” He went to the car and came back with a pistol. He walked in, then stuck his head back outside and said to the doctor, “Wheech one do I keel first?”
I liked this story because not only did it distract me from the beating I was taking from the car ride, but I felt it also illustrated one of those just fundamental differences here. We get so caught up in how things should be, in comfort level, in security and hygiene, that we just can’t go on with what we’re doing until someone like Ricardo finds a humorous way to point out that sometimes you just have to go on.
Yesterday we went to Camasca to play basketball against a girls’ team and a guys’ team. All of us girls brought matching scrubs and were warming up with the guys, who played first. We looked over and saw the men doing the same, wearing nice uniforms, but there were no women. We asked someone where they were and he replied, “oh, they’re cooking now, but don’t worry, they’ll be here in time.” They then came out wearing their cute jeans and tank tops and threw elbows and outright fists all over the place. It was an awesome game.
That night, we got back to the clinic, and since it was a Sunday, the cooks weren’t working. So the men just went right to the kitchen and made some fantastic pasta.
I’m loving it here so far, just trying to keep busy and meet as many people as I can. My best to everyone,
Love Jody


  1. Great to hear what's going on, Jody! So glad you're going to be blogging - can't wait to hear all about your adventures.

    - Jeffery

  2. Glad to hear that the journey to Sant Lucia was fairly uneventful.

    I love that you have started a blog; it will be a great way to archive all of your thoughts and adventures while you are there, and there won't be the risk of losing it, as you may with a journal. Brilliant, darling.

    Power to the women at the basketball game! Sounds like you "keeled" em!

    Looking forward to hearing your passionate, dramatic spin on all of the Honduran happenings...