Monday, July 13, 2009

Mmmm... Ants....

Lunch today was pretty funny--yesterday we had strawberry cake with dinner, and sugary food is so scarce that we were all devouring it. So today we got it out to have as dessert after lunch, only to discover that the fridge was apparently not cold enough, as ants were crawling all over the pan. Upon a closer look, though, the ants were just on the edges and not actually in the cake, and then one of the Honduran nurses said that that type of ants really was pretty harmless. Several of us were still hoping to be able to salvage some, so I cut off the edges of a piece and put the part in the middle on my plate. No ants. So I ate it. Inspired, Yanire did the same, and someone asked Ruben, one of the Honduran doctors, if he thought it was okay to eat. In response, he took a piece and ate a bite. Within a few minutes, the cake was gone.


  1. Love it. As David says, "Say yes to adventure."

    A little protein never hurt a strawberry cake, did it??

  2. People eat ants in many parts of the world, right?

    The infectious disease doctor says "Go for it!"