Thursday, July 9, 2009


English classes were fantastic! Four people showed up today, but then Kelvin, who kind of manages the library, said he'd join in too. We were there for an hour and then I just went over time and asked Alba what time it was, and she said 5:30. So then I said we should probably finish up for the day and asked when they could meet again. They were like, "what about tomorrow?" So that's the plan. They all spoke up, asked a lot of questions, and were great about letting me know when I was talking too fast.
I kept nervously saying, "So..." and then one of the girls, Doris, asked what that meant. I said it was like "entonces" and she, in a perfect imitation of my voice, said, "So..."
Her brother then explained that she's "very funny." She's 18 and the rest are 20, and it's a great group. I'm excited to get to know them more.
So now that I'm pretty settled, I'm pumped to get working more on everything! It's hard to keep track of politics from here as they don't allow news sites because the internet connection isn't strong enough to handle all the pictures. So without my, I'm a bit stuck.
However, things are very calm here. As Father says, no adventures.

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