Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Daily Life

Well hey everyone,
Sorry, I fail at keeping up with this...
So I was thinking, today I’ll just write about my everyday routine, at least as it’s been the past week.
I wake up around 7:20, do the typical morning routine, like tooth-brushing, that type of thing. Then I go downstairs, eat breakfast, which is always either eggs, beans, and tortillas, French toast, pancakes, or cereal, and there’s always fruit. I love breakfast because of the orange juice—there’s always fresh squeezed orange juice at breakfast.
After breakfast, I put on better clothes, do my hair, put on makeup, and all that. And sometimes before that, I pretend to be a monster and talk in a really weird voice and chase Fani, one of the cook’s daughters, all over the dorm area. She loves that game, and every time I see her, she pretends to call the monster to see if he’s coming. And if I don’t want to play the game, I just pretend to call him back and say he’s not answering his phone, so he must be busy. It’s a fun game though, and people always laugh when they see us, a huge American girl and a four-year-old Honduran, running all over, her screaming and laughing and me talking in a Louis Armstrong voice, saying things like, “Aquí viene el monstruo!!” and “no puede escapar, Fani!!”
So after I’m ready for the day, I work until about 10 or so, then I go down to El Chadai, the store by the gate to the clinic, and buy a Pepsi. I drink that while I work until lunch, which is at 12. I’ve been working upstairs, but Fani likes it when I work downstairs because I play music on the computer and let her take one of the earphones and listen, so sometimes I do that, although I get a lot less done when she sits beside me and talks endlessly. It’s fun, though. When I don’t have much to do, when I finish, I either play with Fani, read, or visit Mina, this wonderful 70-something year old seamstress, or Elias.
Lunch is always a big and yummy meal, with meat, fruit, and usually beans and tortillas. Yesterday, lunch was barbeque chicken with mashed potatoes and coleslaw. It was amazing...
After lunch, if there’s nothing going on, I take a nap until about 2. Then I get up, and this past week I’ve had meetings every day at 3:30 for the education project, so I’ve been preparing for those and then going. After the meetings, I have English class at 5, and that’s been happening every day. Those finish at 6, which is when dinner starts. Dinner is a good meal too, and the same types of food as lunch.
After dinner, it’s rest time for pretty much everyone. I’ve been reading for awhile, and the past few days we’ve been projecting movies onto a wall and watching them at night. So I usually watch when there’s a movie, but last night I just read until bed, pretty much, because it was a scary movie. The nights are calm, social, and fun. I really enjoy them.
During the weekends, people generally don’t work much Saturday, so this weekend we went to the market and the waterfall in Concepción. We had dinner here—Maria cooks on Saturday.
Sundays are rest days for everyone. No one comes to cook or clean, so usually Alex makes a big dinner for everyone, which is always delicious and American. This past Sunday we had baked ziti. There’s church on Sunday, and it’s usually pretty late, so it’s the one day to really sleep in.
So that’s the schedule!
Love you all, and email me any time!


  1. Great update, Pody. I love havng a sense of what you're doing on a daily basis!

  2. A daily afternoon nap?! Slacker! Also, does the fact that you play with Fani every day mean that you are continuing to warm up to small children? But really, someone needs to tell her that monsters don't have cell phones. I mean, come on, Fani. Be rational here.